Thursday, January 31, 2013

9:00am - 9:30am | General Session
ITGS1: Things You Should Know: OS X Mountain Lion

Arek Dreyer, President, Dreyer Network Consultants, Inc.
Ben Greisler, President, Kadimac,Inc.
Dan O’Donnell, Information Systems Security Officer, RAND Corporation
Nadyne Richmond, Senior Researcher, VMware
John Welch, Director of IT, The Zimmerman Agency
Kevin White, Apple Authorized Trainer, Macjutsu, Inc.
In this panel-style session, the MacIT Conference committee members share what they think is most important about OS X Mountain Lion from an enterprise perspective. The seasoned conference faculty in this session will focus on the most significant IT challenges brought about by new features in OS X Mountain Lion. With each panelist given only a few minutes to deliver succinct coverage of their topic, this fast-paced session is designed to provide vital information in a short amount of time.

9:40am - 10:10am | Sponsor Keynote
Our Future is Unwritten
Chip Pearson, JAMF Software                 
The administrator community of the future will look very different than the community we're familiar with today.

As Apple technologies continue to proliferate in the enterprise, new waves of administrators will be joining our ranks. Some will be experienced IT administrators applying their skills to the Apple platform as a sort of "second language." Many will expand their existing Mac management capabilities to encompass iOS as the lines between operating systems and job responsibilities blur. Still others may be new to the concepts of administration, learning how to manage the Apple platform out of necessity as they are called upon to enable the use of Apple technologies in their organizations.

One of the most important things we can do as a community is to simply find ways to help all of these welcome newcomers succeed. Wherever they may be in their evolution, we have a tremendous opportunity to welcome them, grow and learn from their contributions, and help us all advance to the next level. It is our duty to generously share our knowledge, build community resources, and provide guidance as we apply our years of experience together to advance the growth of the Apple platform.

10:20am - 11:05am | Breakout Sessions

IT801: What has changed with Mountain Lion Server
Justin Rummel, Director of Operations, Stony River Technologies
This is your sesssion to find out about OS X Mountain Lion server! Find out what is different after services moved from Server Admin to Which Services are new, and which ones have disappeared!

IT802: Beyond the Lab: Mac Management With a Lighter Touch
Katie English, Senior Operating Systems Specialist, Indiana University
At Indiana University, the Student Technology Centers are known for their robust, uniform lab environment, offered across Mac and Windows platforms on multiple regional campuses. Given the STCs’ reputation and depth of Mac expertise, other University business units have sought assistance leveraging elements of Mac management within their existing support structures. Facing a growing Mac user population and constraints on resources and personnel, these departments require flexible solutions for a wide range of user needs. The challenge: Using Casper, construct a support schema that not only serves the teaching and research priorities of student labs and classrooms, but can be extended to offer more diverse management options for academic schools and departments as they address increasing Mac support demands among faculty, staff, and students. The result: Leveraging a central framework which offers resources from full imaging to bolt-on self-service items, offloading common support tasks to end users and reducing the perceived “overhead” of Mac support. By recasting extant packaging, licensing, inventory, and security tools already in use for labs, Mac management becomes lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to implement across multiple layers of the University.

IT803: iOS Deployment Models Across Three Age Levels in Education
Nicholas McSpadden, Client Systems Manager, Schools of the Sacred Heart
This session will discuss the deployments of iPads to a 4th grade, 6th grade, and high school 1:1 program. Each model is slightly different - a cart model, a personalized device model, and a take-home individual device model. I will talk about how we manage & deploy the iPads themselves, as well as working through policies and parents to come up with an effective system. Since we use very different approaches across the three different age levels, this will be a good summary of the various ways of handling an iOS wide-scale deployment.

11:15am - 11:45am | Sponsor Technology Briefing Sessions

ITTB1: Unified Meeting Experience
Nick Chong, Head of Products, Zoom
Zoom is introducing the world's first Unified Meeting Experience (UMX) solution that brings HD video conferencing, web meetings and video chat into an simple and free 3-in-1 meeting platform.

Come find out how an Unified Meeting Experience (UMX) solution can help you:

  • Reduce your conference rooms and web meetings lifecycle cost by 80%
  • Improve the effectiveness of your meetings with HD video and voice
  • Increase your productivity with screen-sharing on any device

ITTB2: Risky Business? Apps in the Enterprise
Domingo Guerra, President & Co-Founder, Appthority
BYOD (bring your own device) has quickly turned into BYO-Apps. Apps enable greater levels of employee productivity and connectivity. However, there are risks associated with mobile apps. The same apps that bring mobile devices to life can also cause harm. This session covers some commonly found risky behavior in popular apps found in the enterprise environment, and introduces the concept of Mobile App Risk Management.

ITTB3: 7 Common iPad Deployment Mistakes to Avoid
Aaron Freimark, CIO, Tekserve &
Whether you're deploying 5 or 5,000 iPads this year, Aaron will share with you the most common mistakes to avoid. Aaron has helped clients like Showtime, Ann Taylor, Cablevision, and the Institute of Culinary Education successfully manage the iPad for thousands of employees. As the founder of, the only community of iOS administrators, his exhaustive comparison of MDM Providers is the most visited on the internet. Make sure your deployment is an instant success with the best practices learned from working with hundreds of businesses in every environment – from BYOD models for education, to thousands of retail & restaurant kiosks, to large iPad deployments for field technicians across the northeast.

ITTB4: Delivering Windows Applications to Macs and PCs with VMware Fusion 5 Professional
Simon Bennett, Sr Product Manager, VMware
Users are demanding Macs but need to continue to access legacy applications and tools that depend on Microsoft Windows.  VMware Fusion 5 Professional makes it easy to run Windows and Mac applications side by side with incredible speed and reliability. Made by the world leader in virtualization, VMware Fusion 5 Professional comes with new features to deliver Windows applications in restricted virtual machines on Macs, Windows or Linux systems, all from a single solution.??This session takes a deep-dive into VMware Fusion 5 Professional (including VMware Player 5) from the point of view of the system administrator. Learn about new features in version 5, mass deployment strategies and a peek under the covers for the Mac and Windows power user.

11:55am - 12:40pm | Breakout Sessions

IT811: HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for iOS
Dori Smith, Programmer, Writer,
Mobile sites shouldn't be dumbed-down versions of your "real" Web site. In this session, learn how to use both the latest Web standards and Apple's extensions to make your iPad and iPhone sites smarter. Topics will include:

  • HTML - viewport - forms
  • CSS - -webkit vendor extensions - transitions
  • JavaScript - touch events - gesture events

IT812: Herding Kittens: Tips, Tricks, & Breakdown of Enterprise Mac Management Toolsets for 2013
Cliff Hirtle, On-Site Apple Engineer for Bain Capital, Eliassen Group
Does keeping pace with new tech sometimes feel like herding kittens? BYOD, yearly OS X releases, and exponential growth of Macs in enterprise have resulted in an explosion of tools for herding the varied Mac lions, leopards, and tigers (oh my!) lurking around your corporate water coolers and directors' desks. Meanwhile peculiar-named toolsets like Casper, Munki, Manage, Filewave, Quest, Centrify, KACE, ARD, and DSS all promise to make your Macs purr like kitties on catnip. But what form of Mac catnip is best suited to keep the kitty crazies away for you? Specifically: what tools are available for enterprise-class Mac management and how do they stack up with each other? How does your existing enterprise infrastructure inform which tools will work best for you? And what secret cat tricks and resources have you missed out on that could propel your organization ahead in 2013? Results of a comprehensive 12 month evaluation of various enterprise Mac management suites will be presented. Access to a collaborative online matrix for deciphering best toolsets for your organization will be provided. And a hands-on, speed-dating for Mac admins knowledge exchange exercise will ensue. Whatever your level of Mac cat herding is, from kitty to mountain lion, you will surely walk away with new friends and new knowledge in this fast-paced, rapid-fire, interactive session designed to expose the full spectrum of catnip varieties for purrfecting enterprise Mac management in your organization.

IT813: App Deployment Strategies for iOS
Derick Okihara, IT Technician, Mid-Pacific Institute
Apple makes beautiful hardware, but it's the software that really makes devices like iPhones and iPads so popular. With over 700,000 apps available, how do we get these apps on to a user's device in a manageable fashion? This session will cover the different app ownership models, volume purchasing, and several different app deployment strategies with both Apple and third party solutions. At our organization, we deployed applications to 1600 iPads, and this session will cover exactly how we did it without breaking a sweat. Some of the tools we'll cover include iTunes, Apple Configurator, OS X Server's Profile Manager, and also the third party tool JAMF's Casper Suite. With these deployment strategies in hand, you'll still have time left over to play Angry Birds.

IT814: Mountain Lion Security for The System Administrator
Justin Rummel, Director of Operations, Stony River Technologies
Steve Leebove, Owner, MacRescue
With the release of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, Apple has introduced new elements that allow it's users to better control the security (and privacy) of their favorite operating system. As System Administrators, new challenges have emerged to ensure the environment that we manage is safe and secure, plus have the ability to document our efforts.

12:30pm - 2:30pm | Networking Showcase / Lunch

2:30pm - 3:00pm | ITGS2: General Session
Becoming the Enterprise: From Indi to Conglomerate in 8 Weeks

Mike McHargue, VP, Chief Technology Officer, The Zimmerman Agency
Every CIO and CTO in leadership today plays a delicate game of tug-of-war. How do we balance our company's security against the productivity gains offered by emerging consumer products? How do we comply with regulatory requirements while maintaing enough flexibility to make our systems useful? Working CTO Mike McHargue tells the story of how his company went from an independent ad agency to a part of the largest marketing holdings company in the world–and how these issues came to light in the process.

3:10pm - 3:40pm | Sponsor Keynote
Endpoint Backup: Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?
Andrew Renz, Sr. Enterprise Engineer, Code 42 Software
Cloud-based enterprise backup solutions offer a plethora of benefits. Yet many companies face an uphill battle when it
comes to using cloud-based solutions to secure critical business information. Whether due to data security concerns or strict compliance requirements, a standard, public cloud-based approach isn’t always feasible. But there are ways to reap the benefits of cloud-based backup while abiding by corporate security and/or compliance mandates. Join Code 42 Software/CrashPlan PROe Senior Enterprise Engineer Andrew Renz as he outlines how companies can leverage a variety of cloud backup strategies—public, private and hybrid—to confidently protect enterprise information. Renz will share wisdom gained from his experience selecting and/or deploying enterprise backup solutions for Apple, Oracle, Expedia and Intuit.

3:50pm - 4:35pm | Breakout Sessions

IT821: 4 Seat Xsan for Pro Apps
Robert Kite, Director, PCMall
James Lovingood, Sr. Consultant, PCMall
This session will detail the configuration of the equipment necessary to deploy a 4 seat Xsan for Final Cut and other solutions.

IT822: Browser Management Roundup
Nicholas McSpadden, Client Systems Manager, Schools of the Sacred Heart
A roundup of the strategies and preferences for managing the big three browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. I primarily use Local MCX, but this can be adopted to Profiles and directory-based MCX very easily.

IT823: Using Apple Configuratior with Your iOS Deployment Workflow
Randy Saeks, District Network Manager, Glencoe School District 35
This session will look at how you can use Apple Configurator to speed up your iOS device deployment process. Using the tool for restrictions, MDM enrollment, and application management will be discussed. In addition, we will talk about a few use case scenarios and how Configurator fits into the management style.

IT824: FileVault 2 Decoded
Rich Trouton, Lead Help Desk Technician, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
One of the changes that came with Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion) was that Apple revamped its FileVault encryption solution, changing it from encryption that primarily protected your account's home folder to encryption that protects your whole boot volume. Despite the common name, the two solutions are very different beasts. If you've used FileVault on 10.3.x - 10.6.x for either personal use or at work, be aware that (almost) everything you know about it is changed in FileVault 2 on 10.7.x and 10.8.x. This session will cover briefly where we've been with FileVault on 10.3.x - 10.6.x and how Apple has taken the lessons learned from FileVault and applied them to FileVault 2. The session will also cover how to get your own Mac encrypted and decrypted with FileVault 2. Lastly, the session will cover how to rollout FileVault 2 enterprise deployments on both 10.7.x and 10.8.x and how to centrally manage FileVault 2 recovery keys.

4:45pm - 5:30pm | Breakout Sessions

IT831: How to Succeed in the App Business Without Really Trying
Justin Esgar, CEO & Founder, Autriv Software Development
Hear the story of how one CEO started, and continues to run, Autriv Software Development, a software development company, with no coding skills. He will share his experience of how to successfully run a company with only a few hours of work per week, using a mix of internet technologies and social media.

IT832: Managing Adobe Software: Taking IT To The Next Level
Jody Rodgers, Sr. Product Manager, Adobe Systems
You've mastered deploying Adobe's apps with AAMEE, but are you ready to take things to the next level? Setup an Adobe Update Server? Use JAMF's Self Service with the Remote Update Manager? Asset management your software using Software IDs? Manage and distribute preferences and color settings? Deploy Adobe's Touch Apps. We'll cover this and more!

IT833: iPads on Planes
James Symons, CEO, Lock'n'Charge Technologies
Qantas Airlines is leading the way with domestic inflight entertainment by providing an iPad to all passengers that travel throughout Australia on their fleet of 16 Boeing 747 jets, free of charge. The latest tv shows and movies will be wirelessly streamed on demand to all 272 iPads devices on board each 747 plane across both economy and business class (equivalent of coach and first class in the US). However, one of the largest hurdles that Qantas needed to over come was storage, transport, charging, syncing and deployment of the iPad devices across it's Australian fleet. This is where PC Locs (branded as LocknCharge Technologies in the US and Europe) have been able to make the iPad device management and deployment possible. Utilising the unique technology that PC Locs had developed with the iQ16 SCB Sync Station, PC Locs have been able to convert a standard certified galley cart into a 64 bay charge and sync cart that can store the iPad devices both onboard and off-board. Qantas will deploy the iPad devices into the seat pocket on the back of every seat on it's Boeing 747 jets by wheeling the custom designed PC Locs charge and sync carts throughout the plane before passengers board at the start of the day. Passengers will be able to have full access to the ipads once a safe altitude is reached and access all entertainment streamed throughout the aircraft as well as preloaded apps, music, books and magazines. The charge and sync carts will be stored on the 747's and at the end of the day's flight routs, the iPad devices will be collected back onto the charge and sync carts and wheeled off board to be charged via AC in dedicated charging and syncing rooms at each major terminal across Australia.

IT834: Real World DNS, A How To Approach
Ben Greisler, President, Kadimac, Inc.
In this session we will review DNS and how to implement it to serve OS X and iOS clients by showing real life examples. We will demonstrate the process using OS X Server on Mountain Lion. This session will be useful for system administrators of all levels who want to see how DNS is done properly to meet the needs of both OS X and iOS, plus other platforms.

5:30pm - 7:30pm Networking Showcase / Reception  

7:30pm - 8:30pm | AFP548 Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting  
Come hang out with fellow Mac admins at the AFP548 birds of a feather.  There will be three short talks by Timothy Perfitt, Derick Okihara and Nate Walck as well as plenty of time to hang out with other Mac admins.  This is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other and network offline for a change.

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