Conference attendees at MacIT expect the most up-to-date information from our speakers. They will evaluate your session based on how well you deliver the content, knowledge of the particular topic, and the visuals shared. When submitting a proposal to speak, please note that you will be expected to adhere to the following policies:

Original Content: The proposed session must be an original topic to present, and not repurposed from a course you have taught at another event. Topics should provide a unique perspective, viewpoint or way of doing something.

No Sales Pitches: The educational programs at MacIT are NOT the appropriate place for promoting your company, product, service or solution.

Competitive Speaking: All speakers at MacIT agree NOT to speak at any other Mac-related conference 30 days prior to MacIT, during MacIT or for 30 days post MacIT.

Visuals/Slides: Your presentation slides/materials will need to be completed and submitted approximately 6-8 weeks before the conference for attendees to access and download prior to coming onsite. You will need to prepare adequate visual materials to accompany your talk. Be mindful to the font color and size viewable for all people in the room. You may be required to use a show template to display your visuals.

Repurposing Visuals/Slides: MacIT must be allowed to repurpose your presentation by making it available to registered attendees for download and/or for recording and selling copies of your presentation.

Speaking Substitutions: Speaker and panelist substitutions are not allowed, except in the case of an emergency. In the event that a speaker cannot fulfill his/her commitment due to an emergency, a substitute may be submitted in writing for approval; however this does not guarantee a speaking slot for the substitute.

Expenses: Speakers are responsible for expenses and hotel and travel arrangements.


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