Nigel Parsad

Nigel Parsad

  • Founder, Bits2Body, LLC; Research Scientist
  • NorthShore University HealthSystem

Research Scientist at the Center for Biomedical Research Informatics NorthShore University HealthSystem

Nigel M. Parsad is a Research Scientist at NorthShore’s Center for Biomedical Research Informatics (CBRI). Mr. Parsad is the principal researcher at CBRI's 3D Anatomical Printing and Visualization Lab where 3D anatomical regions of interest are rapidly prototyped for surgical innovation. Models are fabricated from patient CT/MRI data and utilized for surgical planning, education, simulation and intra-operative use. Research focuses on creating novel software tools, segmentation algorithms, and scalable rapid prototyping workflows to synchronize 3D anatomical printing with clinical demand.

Mr. Parsad is the principal software architect of a 3D stereoscopic,
medical imaging software project implementing radiological imaging and virtual surgical tools. He is also responsible for the planning, deployment and operation of related high performance computing and immersive telepresence display devices.

Mr. Parsad co-wrote an Institutional Review Board (IRB) research protocol resulting in the current clinical deployment of the aforementioned 3D stereoscopic visualization infrastructure in the surgical theater at NorthShore.

Mr. Parsad joined NorthShore in 2011 after serving as the Research Systems Analyst at the Department of Surgery and Computation Institute at the University of Chicago, where he developed and implemented original data discovery algorithms for medical visualization.

A contributing author on a variety of peer-reviewed publications describing research in medical imaging and biomedical informatics, Mr. Parsad earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, and both his MS in Cosmochemistry and MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.