Managing Apple in the Enterprise: Why MDM and WLAN Management Go Hand-in-Hand

Speakers: Matthew Gast, Director of Product Management, Aerohive Networks; Jake Mosey, Manager, Product Management, JAMF Software

Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time: 3:40pm - 4:25pm

In 2007, Steve Jobs stood on a stage and introduced the iPhone to the world. In a mere six years, this tiny device has changed communication and spurred technological innovation across global markets. From how children learn, to how healthcare is delivered, to how we conduct business everyday all over the globe. Today, mobile devices have infiltrated every aspect of business, making security a top concern for IT departments across all industries—from an accounting firm struggling to protect confidential data on employee-owned iPhones, to a mobile-savvy school district needing to centrally manage student iPads. Mobile device management (MDM) solves some of the monitoring and management challenges of this mobile explosion—but is MDM alone enough? Many IT departments rely on agent-based MDM solutions, installing agents or profiles on the devices themselves to ensure compliance. Meanwhile on the networking side, IT administrators use context-based information such as device type, identity, etc. to enforce network permissions and guarantee airtight security across their environment. But today’s sophisticated mobile devices may require IT departments to deploy a more comprehensive solution to ensure corporate networks are completely protected. A hybrid approach, combining agent-based MDM and network management is the next wave for IT departments looking to effectively and efficiently manage Apple in the enterprise. This speaking session, presented by Jake Mosey of JAMF and Matthew Gast of Aerohive, will discuss why MDM and WLAN management should be implemented in tandem. Speakers will explain the benefits of this two-pronged approach, draw from real-world use cases and discuss best practices for managing Apple in the enterprise.