iOS 7 in K-12 Education

Speaker: Matthew Winkler, Network Administrator, Fort Thomas Independent Schools; Andrew Martin, District Technician, Fort Thomas Independent Schools
Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am

iOS 7 has opened many new doors for education including iOS configuration, deployment, and management of iOS devices. Experience a MDM solution using only Apple tools including Server 10.9, Apple Configurator, and iOS 7. In a cash strapped K-12 education market it is essential to find solutions that do not break the budget while also getting the most out of your MDM solution. Using Apple tools in can save school districts a substantial amount of money and allow a customized solution. The education market has benefited from the release of iOS 7 with lots of changes geared towards the education market. With over 20 years IT education experience, Matthew and Andrew have unlocked and discovered critical components to a successful MDM solution. With a limited budget we were forced to find a solution that would give us similar results to a paid MDM solution. Making mistakes, finding problems, and failed deployments were all part of the process but pushing forward was essential to the discovery of a relatively free MDM solution. While our solution is not perfect, it will allow you the flexibility that schools deserve and demand in a constantly changing iOS market. With a previous successful FREE iOS 6 MDM solution in over 35 school districts using a few iOS devices to a few thousand iOS devices, it was time to experience iOS 7. Enhancing the MDM solution for education with iOS 7 is just the beginning what iOS 7 can offer education and the reason we want to share our findings with you. Come join us for an informative K-12 iOS 7 session that will be packed full of information and lessons learned. See what Apple tools can do for your district. As time allows, a question and answer segment along with demos will be offered.