Building Better Users

Speaker: Cliff Hirtle, Senior Desktop Engineer, Bain Capital

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time: 4:15pm - 5:00pm

Better users are not born, they are created. Traditional ivory tower IT that focuses on improving customer service KPIs over walking in your personnel’s shoes can become a longterm liability in a world of mobile-first, BYO(Everything), and 24/7 global teams. Transformation is more than metrics but reconsidering the very rules of the game. In this session we look at alternatives in both structures and channels of technology support that can accelerate the transition of your IT from reactive fixer to proactive engager. Structurally via innovation partnerships, early adoption initiatives, and local champions. Logistically via alternative support channels: from traditional IT KB SOPs to dynamic Evernotes, iBooks, podcasts, checklists, and comic books. Questions we will address: How can you better position you and/or your organization to support your users whenever and wherever they are? What tools are available to you that are ubiquitous, updatable, and scalable? What horrors or happy endings have others had that can help steer you away from a costly six month dead-end POC? Plus: an interactive match-up of attendees by channel, structure, and experience: where do you want to go and who’s here right now who’s been there, done that? Whether your IT is a small shop with a big heart of a big shop with a head start, you will absolutely see at least one thing you have never seen before or your your money back. This free session brought to you by Clif Hirtle, Senior Desktop Engineer at Bain Capital in Boston, MA.