Managing Apple IDs

Speakers: Weldon Dodd, Owner, Rewind Technology

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time: 3:20pm - 4:05pm

In this session we will walk through the various ways in which Apple IDs are used for both personal, business and institutional use. Beyond just reviewing the vast list of services that rely on Apple IDs, we will explain the difference between a personal and a business ID and when business IDs are required. We will also call out institutional IDs used for GSX, VPP, APNS, and so on. If you were confused about Apple IDs before, this session will help you chart out a plan for which Apple IDs you will need to create and manage. We’ll cover tips for personal use (e.g. sharing iTunes purchases in your family), business (e.g. business programs with Apple that you don’t want to share with your personal ID), and institutional use (e.g. programs that require corporate control or business relationships with Apple). If you need to mass create a large number of Apple IDs for your organization, we will explain your options. This session will also include specific information related to the new process for creating Apple IDs for students under the age of 13.