General Session

Welcome & MacIT 2014 Overview

Speaker: MacIT Content Advisors:

Content Lead: Dan O’Donnell, Consultant

Advisors: Arek Dreyer, President, Dreyer Network Consultants; Ben Greisler, President, Kadimac, Inc.; Nadyne Richmond, Staff Researcher, VMware, John C. Welch, Head of IT, The Zimmerman Agency; Kevin White, Apple Authorized Tranier, Macjutsu, Inc.

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Time: 9:00am - 9:30am

As both OS X and iOS have penetrated more deeply into enterprise environments and general business usage, both administrators and IT managers need current and relevant information on how to provision these for enterprise use. The security environment for all computing has changed, so understanding security and knowing how to use it has become an absolute must. Also, we still need to know how to use some of the features that are deep in the operating system. Knowing how to navigate and use some of Apple’s own corporate support systems have become important factors for managing any kind of organization, from SMB to education to Enterprise. The 2014 MacIT Conference will focus on these issues and delve in to topics highlighting Apple, Deep OS X, Security, User Management, Enterprise Services, Deployment and more.