Saturday, FEBRuary 2, 2013

9:00am - 9:30am | General Session
ITGS5: Mobile Security and Strategy in a Changing World

Rick Wylie, CEO, Key Options
The world is changing and Mobile Computing is coming like a bullet train. With this changing world there are numerous challenges for both corporate provided devices, and those that are BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, or if you are in corporate, Bring Your Own Disaster!. This session will look at successful strategies that that need to be considered to allow the successful deployment and security of mobile devices in the four key areas of Device security, data and content security, Voice security and location security. The session will be based on a number of successful deployments in Corporate and Government. A number of solutions will be discussed and demonstrated that will allow attendees to gain insight to new and emerging technologies that will solve the mobility security problems of tomorrow.

9:40am - 10:25am | Breakout Sessions

IT871: Which Deployment Method is Right for Us?
Anthony Reimer, Head Technician, Integrated Arts Media Lab, University of Calgary
If you are still using the Golden Master method of image creation, you have probably considered adopting some more modular and flexible deployment techniques. But which one(s)? This session will provide an overview of non-commercial package-based image creation and thin imaging tools, discussing the reasons why you might want to use one particular method or a combination of methods. Software tools to be discussed will include InstaDMG, DeployStudio and Munki.

IT872: Remote Support from Desktop and iOS
Phil Goodman, Owner, Goodman Consulting
Steve Leebove, Owner, MacRescue
Benjamin Levy, Owner, Solutions Consulting
With the proliferation of iOS and notebooks, the computers you support aren't always within walking distance -- either your users are traveling or you are. Your users will still need support and you'll need to be prepared to accommodate them and still have a (relatively) normal life. Happily, there are more products and techniques in the remote support market than ever before! This session, led by three IT professionals, will be an overview of a variety IT tools currently available for Mac and iOS that can be used for network testing, troubleshooting and administration, server configuration and management, database management, remote access and remote assistance. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the various options and how they can fit into your evolving support methodology so you can effectively deal with user needs and expectations and keep yourself sane at the same time.

IT873: VPN on Demand for iOS and Mac
James Lovingood, Sr. Consultant, PCMall
This session will walk the participants through the configuration requirements for deploying VPN on Demand to iOS Devices and Macs. Particular attention will be paid to the configuration of Active Directory, the Certificate Authority and the the Cisco ASA.

10:30am - 11:15am | Breakout Sessions

IT881: How to Lose 100 Lbs in 10 Days
Mike Boylan, Systems Administrator, Robert Morris University
Nick McSpadden, Client Systems Manager, Schools of the Sacred Heart
It's never been more important for Mac administrators to employ a modular imaging and deployment workflow in their organization. With Apple moving to a yearly release cycle for OS X, there is hardly enough time to fully test releases, let alone spend hours preparing thick, monolithic images. As has always been the case, Apple releasing new hardware configurations means starting monolithic images from scratch, which is unnecessarily time-consuming and tedious. In this session, attendees will learn the benefits of moving to a modular imaging and deployment workflow, but more importantly, they'll learn how to deploy systems quickly and effectively using the latest tools available, including DeployStudio, InstaDMG, Munki, create OS X install package, and more. Real-life examples and workflows will be presented to help jump-start attendees' understanding of the processes involved in migrating from "thick" to "thin." Both imaging novices and pros alike are welcomed and invited to attend.

IT882: The Changing Role of IT to Service Provider
Randy Saeks, District Network Manager, Glencoe School District 35
As technology has gotten more affordable, mobile technology has increased and organizations are facing a more dynamic workplace. As such, IT has to embrace these new changes and shift from a provider of hardware and a controlled environment to a provider of services and access to resources. This session will talk about trends and how a shift in management style is required as more Bring-Your-Own-Device scenarios emerge.

IT883: Keeping iOS Devices Secure in an Evolving BYOD World
Nicko van Someren, Chief Technology Officer, Good Technology
iOS device activations continue to dominate enterprise mobile deployments representing more than 70% of overall enterprise device activations, according to a Q2 2012 report by Good Technology. As more corporate employees use their iOS smartphones and tablets to stay productive and connected, it's critical for IT leaders to effectively meet employee demand to leverage the latest iOS devices, while ensuring that corporate data and communications remain secure. Dr. Nicko van Someren, CTO of Good Technology will explore best practices for IT leaders looking to leverage iOS devices in the enterprise while keeping employee privacy and corporate data secure. This session will touch on three key concepts: 1. Embrace Consumerization iPads and iPhones are taking over the enterprise. IT administrators should realize this and work to make BYOD a success within their organization so that companies have a more productive and engaged workforce. 2. Apple offers a secure OS and devices, but there are still risks that need to be understood and addressed when it comes to securing enterprise data (i.e. how do you keep enterprise information from ending up in Dropbox?) Every mobile platform has different capabilities available to it, as well as risks facing it. Understanding these is key to making BYOD secure 3. Deploy new security and management tools As iOS device activations increase, IT departments need to stay abreast developments when securing employee iOS devices to ensure company data is not compromised, whether in the office or at the beach.

11:20am - 12:05pm | Breakout Sessions

IT891: Large-Scale Heterogeneous Device Management
Nickolas Tong, Technical Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Today's paradigm shift to work anywhere, anytime, and with any device is one of the most palpable IT changes in three decades. With the upcoming releases of major new blended-platform device management systems, many leaders are considering whether their device management methodologies and systems are positioned to embrace an increasingly diverse and flexible IT world.

Our session seeks to answer whether certain major developers' refreshed single pane-of-glass approach to heterogeneous device management has the right mix of technical and cost benefits to merit their consideration over multiple panes for multiple platforms. Beginning with the provisioning of foundational infrastructure, we'll put these systems through their paces with a hands-on exploration of asset reporting, software deployment, configuration management, and end-point protection for Mac OS X using the latest tools. Along the way, we'll chat about these systems' respective developers, their renewed visions of the future, how those perspectives inform their design decisions, and in what ways those design changes are indicative of the industry's evolving device management philosophies.

IT892: Managing Your Outsourced Resources
Mike McHargue, VP, Chief Technology Officer, The Zimmerman Agency
John C. Welch, Head of IT, The Zimmerman Agency
At some point, every company realizes they need to get project a done, but they don't have the internal resources to do it, and the project is not something that justifies hiring people. The answer is to outsource this project to another group so that you can take advantage of their resources to get the project done. However, this brings its own set of special headaches and requirements, especially if the company you use for outsourcing is in a (radically) different time zones. This session will offer strategies and tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls that inexperience can trip you into.

IT893: Certificates, Profiles, and Trust - DATE CHANGE FOR THIS SESSION
Paul Suh, President, ps Enabel, Inc.
OS X Server creates a Certificate Authority when you set up an Open Directory master. Profile Manager then uses this Certificate Authority to sign profiles. OK, that's the marketing talk -- what really is going on under the hood when you use a digital certificate? We'll look at:

  • How a certificate is constructed.
  • How digital certificates enable encryption and digital identity verification.
  • How a certificate authority works.
  • Self-signed certificates vs. certificates from a Certificate Authority.
  • Why you have to install the trust profile.
  • Obtaining, safely storing, and troubleshooting certificates.
  • Using a third-party certificate with OS X Server We'll look at both GUI tools and command line tools for working with the certificates.

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