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9:00am - 9:30am Welcome & Intro to 2014 Conference
MacIT Content Advisory Board
9:40am - 10:25am Keynote - What the Enterprise Needs from Apple – IT Execs Speak Out
Moderator: John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Communications U.S.
Panelists: Ben Bajarin, Principal, Creative Strategies, Inc.
Jeff Cary, Enterprise Architect, Technology Management and Architecture, Chevron Information Technology Company
Marc Touitou, CIO, San Francisco
10:35am - 11:20am General Session - Mac IT - The Hacker Way - Enterprise Client Administration at Facebook
Ajay Chand, Client Platform Engineer, Facebook
Mike Dodge, Client Platform Engineer, Facebook
11:30am - 12:00pm Keynote - Mac IT
Chip Pearson, CEO and Managing Director, JAMF Software (session hosted by JAMF)
12:00pm - 2:00pm Sponsor Showcase & Networking Lunch
The following presentations will take place in the back of the Sponsor Showcase during lunch.
Mac IT Security: Reality or Just Hype?
Cameron Camp, Security Researcher, ESET
Unified IT for Mac and iOS Devices
John Wu, Senior Systems Engineer,
Absolute Software
Printing in a Mobile World
Jinu Choi, Product Marketing Manager, Chris LaFlash, Sr. Software Engineer,
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on Mac OS X
Zoran Cocoară, Endpoint Protector Evangelist, CoSoSys Ltd.
2:00pm - 2:30pm Keynote - Rise of the Enterprise Platform: The New Way to Protect and Share Endpoint Data
Andrew Renz, Principal Architect, Code42 (session hosted by Code42)
2:40pm - 3:25pm TBGS1: Apple Empowers Productivity though Enterprise Mobility
Hosted by AirWatch
TBGS2: How to Control and Manage Macs with Existing Infrastructure and Leverage Your Windows Stack Investment
Hosted by Parallels
3:35pm - 4:20pm IT801: Managing Apple IDs
Weldon Dodd, Rewind Technology
IT802: Using DTrace to Instrument Your System
Max Bruning, Joyent
IT803: Into the DEP: Exploring Apple Volume Deployment Services
Emily Nytko, Consultant
IT804: Managing Mavericks' FileVault2 with fdesetup
Rich Trouton, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
4:30 - 5:15pm IT811: Building Better Users
Cliff Hirtle, Bain Capital
IT812: Grown-Up IT: Scaling Up
Nigel Kersten, Puppet Labs
IT813: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love IPv6
Phillip Remaker, Cisco Systems, Inc.
IT814: An IT Experts' Guide to Managing Your Users Successfully
Phil Goodman, Goodman Consulting; Steve Leebove, MacRescue; Benjamin Levy, Solutions Consulting
5:15pm - 7:15pm Networking Showcase / Reception
9:00am - 9:10am Opening Remarks
MacIT Content Advisory Board
9:10am - 9:40am General Session - CEO's as the New Trojan - Macs at the Top
Carmi Weinzweig
9:50am - 10:35am IT821: Fundamental ESXi
John Welch, The Zimmerman Agency
IT822: Encryption, Email and OSX
Dan O’Donnell, Consultant
IT823: DNS: The Painless Way
Ben Greisler, Kadimac Corp
IT824: What You Need To Do When Deploying iOS 7
Randy Saeks, Glencoe School District 35
10:45am - 11:30am IT831: Virtualization for Testing - The Good, The Bad, and The Weird
Sara Porter, iovation
John Soward, Dataseam
IT832: Essential Security & Risk Fundamentals
Alison Gianotto, noise
IT833: iOS 7 in K-12 Education
Matthew Winkler, Fort Thomas Independent Schools
Andrew Martin, Fort Thomas Independent Schools
IT834: Scripting Service Controls on Mavericks Servers
Charles Edge, 318 Inc / krypted.com
11:40am - 12:10pm IT841: Taking Advantage of the NetSUS Appliance
Jason Borchardt, State Farm Insurance
IT842: 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping: For Macs and Medicine
Dima Elissa, ProofX
Nigel Parsad, MS, NorthShore University HealthSystem
IT843: Think Big - IT Tips for Those Standing on the Verge Of Growth
Mark Jeffries, Mozilla Corporation
12:10pm - 2:15pm Sponsor Showcase & Networking Lunch
The following presentations will take place in the back of the Sponsor Showcase during lunch.
Printer Management for Mac and Mobile Users
Jarrett Taylor, Product Manager, PrinterLogic
A Seamless Integration for the Mobile Enterprise with Secure Apple Deployments
Hosted by AirWatch
Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise—Strategies for IT Success
Hosted by
2:15pm - 3:00pm IT851: Advanced WiFi
Bill Wiecking, Hawaii Prep Academy
IT852: Recombinant Deployment and Management for Mac and iOS
Phil Goodman, Goodman Consulting
Steve Leebove, MacRescue
Benjamin Levy, Solutions Consulting
IT853: Using iBeacons and Proximity in Your Organization
Tim Perfitt, Twocanoes Software
3:10pm - 3:55pm IT861: Analyzing OS X Systems Performance with the USE Method
Brendan Gregg, Joyent
IT862: What's New in Configuration Profiles
Weldon Dodd, Rewind Technology
IT863: Managing Apple in the Enterprise: Why MDM and WLAN Management Go Hand-in-Hand
Matthew Gast, Aerohive Networks; Jake Mosey, JAMF Software
IT864: Mobile Security, Strategy and Contextual Mobility
Rick Wylie, KeyOptions
4:05pm - 4:50pm IT871: Access Directory Services from the Command Line
William Smith, 318, Inc.
IT872: Your BYOD Policy: You Have One and Don't Even Know It!
Craig Cohen, HCS Technology Group
IT873: IPv6 - Real Soon Now (Said Everyone Since 2005)
Pam Lefkowitz, Core Computing Technologies, Inc.
IT874: SNMP Fundamentals
John Welch, The Zimmerman Agency
4:50pm - 7:00pm Networking Showcase
9:00am - 9:30am General Session - What You Need to Know About Apple Security
Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO, Securosis
9:40am - 10:10am IT881: UI in a Unix World
Arek Sokol, Code42 / macbrained.org
IT882: Your IT World on iPad
Phil Goodman, Goodman Consulting
Benjamin Levy, Solutions Consulting
10:20am - 11:05am IT891: Automating the Human Element of IT
Ben Greiner, Forget Computers
IT892: Troubleshooting Email
William Smith, 318, Inc.
IT893: App Store License Management
Weldon Dodd, Rewind Technology
IT894: Apple's Bug Reporter
Mike Boylan, Robert Morris University
11:15am - 1:00pm General Session - MacIT "UN"CONFERENCE Session: The Inmates Take Over the Asylum