Friday, FEBRuary 1, 2013

9:00am - 9:45am | General Session
Things You Should Know: iOS 6

Arek Dreyer, President, Dreyer Network Consultants, Inc.
Ben Greisler, President, Kadimac,Inc.
Dan O’Donnell, Information Systems Security Officer, RAND Corporation
Nadyne Richmond, Senior Researcher, VMware
John Welch, Director of IT, The Zimmerman Agency
Kevin White, Apple Authorized Trainer, Macjutsu, Inc.
In this panel-style session, the MacIT Conference committee members share what they think is most important about iOS 6 from an enterprise perspective. The seasoned conference faculty in this session will focus on the most significant IT challenges brought about by new features in iOS 6. With each panelist given only a few minutes to deliver succinct coverage of their topic, this fast-paced session is designed to provide vital information in a short amount of time.

9:40am - 10:10am | General Session
Wireless 2013+
Bill Wiecking, SysOp, Hawaii Prep Academy
Part of your job as technical visionary is to look around the corner to the future of networking. Using the evolution of 802.11 as our guide to this future, we'll learn what your users need now, what they'll need next, and how you can wisely map out your plans. Learn from a physicist how these systems work, and what are the implications to your networks of these new high speed networks, what are their limitations, and how you can best plan for the future. Topics include the 15 year evolution of 802.11, wired and wireless implications, iOS and OSX convergence, near field communications, MIMO and directional streams, VoWiFi and hybrid networks, security issues, and the tools to keep your network running safely and reliably. Discover which products and trends to watch, and how best to integrate these into your network to keep your users safe and connected.

10:20am - 11:05am | Breakout Sessions

IT841: Log Files: A Field Guide for the Accidental Sysadmin
Andrea Longo, Software Engineer, Splunk
Your system log files will tell you a million things about what your machines are up to -- if you only knew what you were looking at. An update to last year's popular session, this talk will discuss the most common log files, what you can expect to find in them and how to use system utilities you already have to examine them. Topics include system errors, user logins, crash logs and the latest logging changes for Mountain Lion.

IT842: Successful Client Management: An Expert's Guide to IT Consulting
Phil Goodman, Owner, Goodman Consulting
Steve Leebove, Owner, MacRescue
Benjamin Levy, Owner, Solutions Consulting
IT Consulting is a booming industry at every level. Creating a successful business isn't easy, but key to your success is how you interact with your clients, those you have and those you hope to have. Learn the ins and outs of managing clients from three experts with more than 60 combined years experience. This session condenses all that experience into a fast-paced guide that covers client interaction from initial contact, through first meeting, outlining needs, setting goals, proposals, communication, rates, documentation and how to move from a single task to an ongoing and lasting relationship. You'll learn what to do and what not to do. Though this session is targeted for consultants, it will be equally valuable for those shopping for expertise as well.

IT843: The Old Ball & Chain: Public Key Cryptography
Nickolas Tong, Technical Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.
This session begins at a typical administrator’s knowledge of public key cryptography & that of the key pair. From there, we’ll dive deep into history to give a fast-paced accounting of the winding road from ancient ciphers to modern day cryptography. Along the way, we’ll swing by a few tourist destinations & randomness, entropy, the National Security Agency, and before getting stuck in a web of trust, we'll visit the unsolved key exchange problem from the stances of both Diffie-Hellman and public key infrastructure (PKI). Armed with this historical context, we’ll seek to clarify contemporary issues & including executable sandboxing through technologies like Apple Gatekeeper and we’ll look further to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) as a real-world exemplar of public key infrastructure (PKI). We’ll complete our journey with a practical approach to PKI for systems administrators of OS X and iOS platforms alongside a discussion on the multi-faceted role of encryption in popular management systems such as JAMF Casper.

11:15am - 11:45am | Sponsor Technology Briefing Sessions

ITTB5: Managing iOS and Mac OS Devices in the Enterprise
John Wu, Senior Systems Engineer, Absolute Software
Gone are the days when Mac¹s were non-existent in the enterprise, and you could have any mobile device, as long as it was a BlackBerry.  In today¹s world of mobility and personal owned devices (BYOD), organizations are looking for ways to easily secure business critical data on iOS and Mac OS devices.  We will discuss how to establish best practices for IT to manage these devices in a heterogeneous world ­ asset management, asset recovery, app management, content management, BYOD.

ITTB6: New BYOD Solutions for IT Control of Macs + Expert & Peer Discussion
Kim Johnston, VP of Marketing, Parallels
Christopher-McLaughlin-Brooks, CIO, Parallels - Former VP of Infrastructure, Yahoo!
Discover new cost-effective solutions and best practices from experts and peers about how to successfully address BYOD challenges and threats from the growing number of Macs and devices on your company’s network.  Learn how to gain full visibility into the Macs coming onto your network, the ones you know about and the ones you don’t.  Gain control of the Macs that are showing up and introducing vulnerabilities and take action on them just like you do a PC. Extend control of policies and images to your Macs so they are managed as first class citizens on the network. Leverage the infrastructure you have and extend it to manage Mac endpoints without costly new infrastructure build out.  Also learn how to cost-effectively run your stack of Windows software on your Macs through desktop virtualization and mass deployment while meeting needs for compliance requirements, software updates and change management policies. Participate in Q&A with experts and peers.

11:55am - 12:40pm | Breakout Sessions

IT851: Mountain Lion Logging In Depth: Inside the Core OS Log Files
Andrea Longo, Software Engineer, Splunk
Have you looked around in but don't know what to do with what it's telling you? In this intermediate session we will dig into important files like server.log and the new launchd logs and learn how to wade through the noise and identify the system activity you need to know about.

IT852: Automation for Admins
Armin Briegel, Systems Administrator, University of Southern California
As admins we use many tools to manage Mac clients: Apple Remote Desktop, a deployment system such as Casper and, of course, the Terminal. I this session I will demonstrate how you can use several different scripting tools to connect all these together for faster and more efficient management. Along the way I will demonstrate a few new scripting techniques in Lion and Mountain Lion.

IT853: Password Management Best Practices
Beau Hunter, Consultant, Independent
This session will discuss the in's and outs of good password practices. The session will include an in-depth look into what actually makes a password strong (considering entropy calculations and common attack vectors), and will discuss why very often the largest barrier to good password practices are often web services themselves. We will discuss common password storage and hashing techniques used by web services, and common attack vectors utilized against password databases. As a good password practice strategy requires utilization of unique passwords for disparate services, we will attack the dichotomy of this problem head on: how do you remember 15, 30, or 45 unique passwords for all of the various services that we use on a day to day basis?

This session will discuss using hierarchical pin/password patterns. As an extension to this, the session will discuss the usage of various password management tools to help tackle the issue. The Mac native keystore (Keychain) will be heavily discussed, and I will also discuss some cross-platform (iOS/Windows) options. Throughout this session we will discuss recent notable security events and mitigation strategies. We will discuss the recent vulnerabilities found in Keychain and what it really means in day-to-day impact. We will discuss the recent social engineering attack against Wired Editor Mat Honan and identify steps that could have been taken to mitigate the damage that was ultimately done.

Conference members who attend this session will have a good understanding of sound password policies and will be armed with the knowledge necessary to analyze their exposure in the event that a service they frequent is compromised.

12:30pm - 2:30pm | Networking Showcase / Lunch  

2:30pm - 3:00pm | General Session
Mac@GE – Challenge Everything
Ryan Brumback, Client Technologist, GE Corporate
Doug Witter, Client Innovations Leader, GE Corporate
Introducing new platforms into an established enterprise environment can be a daunting task.  In this session, understand how one enterprise organization embraced a "challenge everything" approach to install, configure, secure, and support Macs in the GE Environment.

3:10pm - 3:40pm | Sponsor Technology Briefing Sessions

ITTB8: What IT Security Needs to Know About Mac Security
Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America
The presence of Macs in enterprises big and small is growing all the time, bringing productivity increases but also exposing potential gaps in the security knowledge of IT staff. Does your organization “get” Mac security? Are you relying on myths like “Macs don’t get malware”?  This session will help close those gaps with Mac-centric security knowledge, vital whether your organization is an all-Mac IT shop or you’re managing the entry of Macs into a previously all-Windows shop.

ITTB9: Best Practices for iOS Printing in the Enterprise
David Wagstaff, Chief Architect, Advanced Solutions for Lantronix
The “Best Practices for iOS Printing in the Enterprise” presentation will provide an overview plus technical / deployment challenges and best practices for building, deploying, managing and scaling iOS printing solutions throughout enterprises of all sizes (from SoHo through Fortune 500).

3:50pm - 4:35pm | Breakout Sessions

IT861: Testing Multiple OS's and Applications on Your Laptop
Sara Porter, QA Engineer, iovation
How to run Windows, Linux, Android simulators, and other OS's on your laptop to test your application and servers. Covering basics of virtualization, simulation, and para-virtualization to test your server, web apps, and local applications without breaking the bank on a large test lab.

IT862: Automation and Security in Mountain Lion
Ben Waldie, President, Automated Workflows, LLC
Mountain Lion introduces a number of security measures designed to make your users more efficient. Some of these measures, however, can impact AppleScripts and other automation tools. In this session, we'll discuss the automation-related security changes in Mountain Lion. You'll learn how these changes will impact your existing scripts and workflows, and what you need to do to ensure compatibility and minimize support issues. Any user or Mac IT admin who utilizes automation in their daily routines won't want to miss this important session.

IT863: Secure BYOD for Mobile Devices
James Lovingood, Sr. Consultant, PCMall
Robert Kite, Director, PCMall
With the overwhelming introduction of BYOD initiatives throughout the business world, organizations need a way to secure their infrastructure while still providing access to required data. This session provides an overview of Secure Mobility while going into a deeper dive on the use of the Cisco ASA and Cisco ISE to manage access to a corporate infrastructure.

4:30pm - 6:00pm | Networking Showcase  

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