Conference Overview

During MacIT's intensive two and a half day conference program, attendees will identify pragmatic, sustainable, and competitive iOS and Mac OS X enterprise advancements and network with other enterprise managers facing similar issues. This is the only event that brings together the depth of content, reach, and industry knowledge to deliver the ultimate conference experience for Apple technology deployment leaders. The most experienced Mac OS and iOS experts in the world will take attendees through the following topics :

  • iOS Enterprise Applications / Business Solutions
  • iOS Configuration Using Apple Tools
  • iOS Management using an MDM
  • iTunes Enterprise Perspectives: Managing initial registration, software updates, backups at an enterprise level.
  • iOS Security Best Practices
  • iOS Hardware Solutions
  • Mac OS X Lion Enterprise Features

MacIT is unlike any other enterprise technology event today. It’s the definitive event for understanding Apple technology implementation and management in enterprise environments. Our esteemed faculty of industry experts provide detailed, impartial analysis of the technology and solution chains you face when putting iOS, OS X Lion and Apple hardware products to work in large enterprise.