Finally, you can say "Yes!" to Macs at work.

MokaFive is the only product that allows you to run a completely secure, managed Windows desktop on a Mac.

MokaFive is...

  • Easy. Our convenient, three-step installation takes just 90 minutes and makes deployment a breeze.
  • Secure. If any Macs are lost or stolen, IT can remotely revoke or kill the virtual desktop. What’s more, AES-256 encryption ensures corporate data is protected and isolated from personal data.
  • Cost-effective. "Rejuvenation" feature allows users to fix their own computer problems without a call to the helpdesk, cutting support costs by up to 60%. What’s more, corrupted or virus-infected computers can be restored to a pristine state within seconds… without reimaging or losing user personalization.
  • Managed. Quickly deploy image updates with minimal user disruption. Rollback feature gives you confidence during patching, and allows for quick recovery from faulty administrative updates.
  • Superior user experience. Self-service allows users to provision their own virtual desktop and immediately connect to the corporate network, all without waiting for IT intervention. Users have the best of both worlds, running their personal and corporate applications seamlessly on the same device.
  • Flexible. The single Windows image you create will work not only on Macs, but also on any Windows-based or bare-metal PC. In fact, you could manage every computer in your enterprise with a single MokaFive image.
  • Complete. The only solution to run a managed, secure, corporate Windows desktop on a Mac.

With MokaFive, you won’t need to learn Mac-specific skills, cobble together tools from multiple vendors to meet your needs, or spend a fortune on upgrading your infrastructure. MokaFive is the only complete solution that provides centralized management, enterprise-class security, and a superior user experience.

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