The Casper Suite: A unified and extensible framework for Mac OS X and iOS client management.

The Casper Suite simplifies the life of system administrators with a comprehensive platform to manage Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices. The Casper Suite increases the efficiency of your IT staff, reduces the cost of ownership, and minimizes liability while enforcing software licensing compliance, security standards, energy usage, and other organizational rules and requirements.

Mac OS X client lifecycle management
Building on a strong foundation of integration with Apple technologies - including Global Service Exchange (GSX) and Software Update Server (SUS) - and third-party software for Mac OS X, the Casper Suite allows administrators to manage the eight major tenets of Mac OS X client management: Inventory, Imaging, Patch Management, Software Distribution, Remote Control, Settings Management, License Management, and Usage Management.

iOS mobile device management (MDM)
With an unmatched breadth of features, a Self Service console for over-the-air (OTA) distribution of in-house and app store apps, and integration with Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP), the Casper Suite allows administrators to easily achieve the four major tenets of iOS mobile device management: Inventory, Configuration, Security Management, and App Distribution.

The Casper Suite is a powerful framework around which your IT ecosystem can be unified and extended to manage both Mac OS X and iOS devices from a single console. Help your organization to build and sustain a stable, cost-effective, and user-friendly computing environment with the Casper Suite, the only client management solution developed exclusively for the Apple platform.

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