Картинки по запросу IOS 13 Features

Here is the great news for iPhone lovers! Apple has announced the new and latest version of IOS operating system, IOS 13 in june,2019. It is very advacned and full of unique features. It is a really big release by Apple company whp want to provide more speed and innovation to its users.

This version has come to give your iPhone a complete new and amazing outlook while introducing more and more advancement while bringing many improvements. Here are described below some of the major features of IOS 13. Have a look!

Security Features

The safety of data and photos are really important that os why in IOS 13, there are many new security features to enhance the saftey of your important data. The security of safari, location sharing, Wi-FI and bluetooth has been increased very much. You also will get a notification when any application is using your location while you can also control whether you want to share your location on social media with your photos or not.

A sign in with Apple is also a new safety feature which allow you to logon to different appplications and accounts without adding your email address. in IOS 13, no one will be able to track your location through wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity.

Siri Updations

The siri has also become advanced in many ways with the arrival of IOS 13. With the Audio update in Siri, the sounds of it has become more natural and easy to understand. Through AI software, there will be gaps and more clarity in the  sounds of siri so that more clera sounds can be provided to people.

With AirPods, CarPlay and HomePods, it works evven more better. A new shortcut app is also created through whichh you can easily craete oersonal shortcuts. The siri can also read the messages on instant basis so that you can respons to youur urgent messages. Sir can also find out important events and reminders in messages and some other apps.

Dark Mode

It is a very apparent and notable IOS 13 feature where everything will become dark colors. This dark color scheme is very useful and soft for eyes in night time or in a dark environemnt. Your eyes as well as people around you won’t get disturbed with the bright dispaly.

You can change the dark mode into a normal one according to your requirments and light. This mode is applicable on all the apps of iPhone even on the third party apps. The wallpapars will also change automatically when you choose the dark mode or change it to the normal mode. This dark mode is reallly great for usinng phone even in night time without causing harms to your eyes.

Photo Gallery

Make your photos mmore lively and perefctly arranged with the innovative photo features of IOS 13. You can more easily share and upload your photos and videos with people now. By categorizing your best photos in days, months and years, you can find out the desirable moments you want to see in your photos.  You can esily find out the photo your want through this distribution.

The auto-playing live photos and video feature is capavle to give life to your collection. The duplicate photos, screen shots and orignal photos will also be seperated so that you can enjoy the best version of your photos. The location, time and date will also visible to provide the proper information of any event. The sharpness and clarity of photes have also been increased while you can edit your photos at the best by using the strenght, Radius and Falloff. You can allso examine the chnagings while editing by using the zoon option.


The new and advanced map features are also available in IOS 13 which provide more clear details of roads, places and buildings. You can find out the sought after places easily and effcetively with the innovative map fearures. Here is a favorite option availablle for people whocan save the location of frequent visited places to visit them quickly. Moreover you can share the locations with your friends and family easily and rapidly.

The junction view option prevents you to take wrong turns while with the ETA you can informm your friends about yoour arrival time or about any delay in your arrival. With the improved Siri language, you can get even more relevant and easy to inderstand guidance while goinf to any place. With CarPlay feature, you can manage routes and addresses even more accurately and easily.


The keyboard in IOS 13 has also come in more advanced and updated form with many new functions. The QuickPath option allows you to swipe your finger from one letter to another easily.

The options and suggesstions in predictive bbar have also increased where you will also get synonysm for the words which are repeating many time in a text. There are upto four languages sttored in the keyword which will be activated automatically after recognizing that which langage the user is speaking or usig. The Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Italian, English and Portuguese languages are now available in IOS 13 keyboard.